St. James's Church

St. James's Church

St. James's Church

  • St. James Avenue,
    Co. Cork

St. James's Church of Ireland Church was consecrated and opened in 1824. It is situated just off the Main Street in Mallow town on land which was donated by the Jephson family of Mallow Castle.

St. James's Church The contract to build St. James's Church was awarded to the Pain brothers, James and George Richard,for the sum of £3,700 sterling and was finalised in 1818. Written in the contract was that local trades men and labourers should be appointed ahead of others as long as their work was of the same standard and their rates were equal.

The design is Gothic and is a limestone construction with cut stone buttressed corners and painted arched doors and windows. The spire which is 120ft tall stands impressively in the skyline of Mallow town. The original capacity of the church was 800 but this was reduced with the removal of old side galleries. The gateway piers are made from cut limestone and the entrance gateway was originally on the Main Street but was moved to its current location by the Urban District Council in 1983.

St. James's Church St. James's Church

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