Spa House

Spa House

Spa House

  • Spa Walk,
    Co. Cork

The Spa House was constructed in 1828 over the spring well which having a mean temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit was one of reasons why Mallow became a favoured holiday location in Ireland during the period 1730 to 1810.

Spa House The Spa house was design by George Pain and the request of Mr. Charles Jephson it took the shape of a Tudor Style House. The house contained a pumproom, an apartment for medical consultation, a reading room and baths. Mr. Pain's fee for design and building of the house was £1020-15-0.

The house eventually became the headquarter of the Rakes of Mallow. Today it is home to the Energy Agency Office, which serves as a place to advise the general public on energy conservation and renewable resources.

Spa House Spa House

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