Town Council: Town Council Monthly Meeting - January

Town Council Monthly Meeting - January

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Town Council

  • Tuesday, 04-January-2011

Town Council: 1. Future of Town Council – Oireachtas Members to attend

The Meeting was attended by Deputy Ned O’Keeffe, T.D., Deputy Sean Sherlock, T.D. and Deputy David Stanton, T.D. Apologies were received from Senator Paul Bradford who made a written submission.

The Mayor outlined the background to the invitation to attend and the Deputies present stated their views on the future of Town Councils. The following matters were considered:

- Principle of Subsidiary
- Effectiveness of Joint Policing Committee
- Lack of representation in Towns e.g. Ballincollig and Carrigaline where Town Councils are not in place
- Creation of District Councils
- Need for Political Reform including reform of Local Government
- Re-balancing of Executive and Reserved Functions
- Transfer of Water Services to County Councils
- Funding of Local Government including powers to raise funds locally
- Reform of Local Government in other jurisdictions
- Need to broaden the Tax base
The Mayor requested that Deputies issue a letter of support to the A.M.A.I. The Deputies requested that the Council should also outline their views on the subject. The Mayor thanked the Deputies for their attendance and Senator Bradford for his written submission.

On the proposal of Cllr. Fitzgerald seconded by Cllr. O’Connor it was agreed to extend the time of the meeting to 9pm.

2. Minutes

(a) On the proposal of Cllr. Dempsey seconded by Cllr. Fitzgerald the Minutes of Special Meeting of Council held on Thursday, 16th December, 2010 at 6.30pm were confirmed and adopted.

(b) On the proposal of Cllr. Fitzgerald seconded by Cllr. Dempsey the Minutes

of the December Monthly Meeting of Council held on Thursday, 16th December, 2010 at 7.00pm were confirmed and adopted.

3. Manager’s Orders

The list of Managers Orders for the month of December was noted. Members welcomed the decision to Grant Planning Permission reference PD 55,036/10.

4. Planning

The list of Planning for the month of December was noted. The Town Clerk advised on the location of proposed development reference PD 55,044/10.

9. Housing

The Town Clerk reported as follows:

- The pilot phase of the refurbishment work at Sandfield Estate are progressing satisfactorily and is due for completion in March, 2011. Tender documents are currently being prepared for the second phase of the project.

- Works under the Energy Efficiency Contract on 9 units has commenced.

- Replacement of windows and doors under the 2010 Planned Maintenance Programme is ongoing.

The following matters were also discussed:

- Energy Efficiency Works Programme 2011

- Social Leasing Policy

5. Members Attendance at Conferences

It was agreed to circulate details of upcoming Conferences.

6. Extinguishment of Public Right of Way

It was agreed to defer this matter in order to allow the Mayor to ascertain the views of the Sandfield Residents Association.

7. Town Engineers Report

The Town Engineers Report was welcomed. The following matters were


- Tenders for replacement of Bridge at Lower Beecher Street

- CCTV installation at Bridge Street

The following motion submitted by Cllr. Mullally was also considered:

“That this council calls on Cork County Council to fast track the

setting up of an emergency phone number during out of office hours”.

The motion was seconded by Cllr. Kennedy. The interruption to water supply in

the Town was discussed in detail. The staff of Cork County Council and Mallow

Town Council were praised for their work over the Christmas period. The

Manager responded to the motion and outlined the circumstances giving rise to

the interruption in supply.

- Severe weather and unprecedented low temperatures

- Breaks in network

- Practise of leaving water running resulting in depletion of reserves

- Deficient works in installation of water supply in private estates

- Necessity to shut down supply in some areas in order to provide a supply in higher areas

8. Votes of Sympathy

The Mullen Family, 12 Sandfield Terrace, Mallow on the death of their mother,


The O’Sullivan Family, 10 Forrest View, Mallow on the death of their mother,


Mrs. Julia Corcoran, 27 Collins Place, Mallow on the death of her husband,


The Neenan Family, 89 O’Callaghan Square, Mallow on the death of their

father, Richard.

This concluded the business of the meeting.

Present: Cllr. O’Regan (In Chair)

Cllr. Dempsey

Cllr. Fitzgerald

Cllr. Griffin

Cllr. Kennedy

Cllr. Mullally

Cllr. O’Connor

Cllr. Sheehan

Apology received from Cllr. Lucey.

In Attendance: Mr. Michael Cremin, Substitute Town Manager

Mr. Keith Jones, Town Engineer

Mr. Pat O’Connor, Town Clerk

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